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Over the past few years, some interesting studies have been conducted that examined the effect of one’s physical surroundings on creativity. One such study revealed that people think more creatively in more ‘natural’, unstructured environments.

So go and buy some pot plants for the office, stick up posters of waterfalls and rainforests, and hold your next idea generation session at your local park

I see red

Research has shown that exposure to the colour red makes us more creative. This is because red makes us feel happy, which leads to increased performance on idea generation tasks. So if you always wanted an excuse to paint a feature wall in your office building, now is your chance.

A random fact about chocolate

In past newsletters, you may have read that being exposed to a wide amount of stimuli increases creativity. So here is a random piece of information to expand your mind (and in doing so, increase your own creativity).

Research conducted at University of Hertfordshire has found that people who try to suppress thoughts about chocolate actually end up eating more chocolate than those who do not try to suppress such thoughts. This effect is actually more pronounced in men.

The morale? Let any thoughts of chocolate be free to roam around in your mind, particularly if you are a male.

Randomness from the animal kingdom

Anteaters prefer termites to ants.