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Have you sat at your desk recently and fantasised about being on a hot date? Or perhaps you were in a dull meeting and your mind wandered to such thoughts. If so, you were actually increasing your creativity.

A group of researchers from the University of Arizona hypothesised a link between mating and creativity and designed an experiment to test this hypothesis. A control group launched straight into completing a creativity task while another group of participants was asked to first imagine themselves on a hot date with a top quality mate prior to completing the creativity task. Those assigned to the ‘hot date’ group performed significantly better on the creativity task. It was thus concluded that thoughts of dating and mating lead to more creative behaviour.

So before your next idea generation session, take a few minutes to imagine yourself at a romantic candlelit dinner for two with Angelina Jolie or George Clooney.

Strip clubs and menstruation

As we always bang on about, exposure to a diverse range of information is a great way to increase creativity. Here is some randomness for you to digest this tri-night.

On the topic of hot dates comes a finding from some Psychology professors at the University of New Mexico. The researchers set out to explore what leads to greater tipping at strip clubs and discovered that menstruation and the pill had a lot to do with it.

The researchers found that the “dancers” made approximately $70 an hour when they were ovulating, versus only $35 an hour while menstruating, and $50 in between those stages.

The contraceptive pill proved to be a money loser, with women who were on the pill averaging $37 per hour, while their non-pill counterparts made approximately $53 an hour.

The morale of this finding? If you fancy a career as a stripper, stay off the pill, use condoms, and don’t work when you’re bleeding.