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Research from the University of Newcastle (UK) has shown that so called ‘creative types’, such as artists and poets, get laid more often than their non-creative counterparts. On average, ‘creatives’ had experienced between four to ten sexual partners in their life while ‘non-creatives’ had only experienced an average of three.

Suggested reasons for this correlation included creative types being more charismatic, acting on impulse more often, and leading a more bohemian lifestyle.

Whatever the cause, Inventium is now measuring the success of its creativity training programs by how many people participants pick up at the pub at the end of the day.

Creativity in teams

Changing the make up of your teams is a great way to enhance creativity. Research has shown that when new people join a team, the entrenched assumptions / behaviours / attitudes of the team are less likely to be activated. Instead, the entering of a new person activates different memories, emotions, and thoughts in everyone else, and increases the likelihood of creative behaviours.


What type of Innovator are you?

Some people are naturally great at coming up with ideas, others are better at implementing them, and some people are best left to figure out the details. Research suggests that the most innovative teams have a mix of all types of people, rather than just a homogenous bunch of idea generators or implementers (as can often be the case with teams).

At Inventium, we’ve started working with some of our clients to help them identify where individuals’ strengths lie in the innovation process. Please get in touch if you would like us to help you profile people at your company to maximize innovation potential within your teams.


Inventium’s idea outlet

Every week at Inventium, we help organisations come up with spandangley new ideas. It perhaps goes without saying that we love training and facilitating people through the process. But what about us? We want some time to play. So we’re doing just that. Go have a look at our idea playground.