Perhaps not surprisingly, research has shown that we are more creative when we are feeling relaxed. So how can we de-stress ourselves to achieve this optimal creativity-boosting state?

A study conducted in America found that specific types of posters could hold the answer. A group of researchers exposed people to either posters of nature or ‘abstract art’ posters. Participants then had their stress levels measured. It was found that people who were in an environment that had nature posters reported significantly lower stress levels than those surrounded by abstract art.

So take those Jackson Pollock’s and Picasso’s off the wall and replace them with pictures of trees and waterfalls to watch those stresses fall away and by doing so, get the creative juices flowing.

Why taller people are richer

As we always go on about, exposure to a diverse range of information is a great way to increase creativity. Here is some randomness for you to digest this tri-night…

Does height matter when it comes to your career? According to business professor Timothy Judge, apparently it does.

Judge examined the relationship between a person’s height and their salary. He found that every inch above average height the person was for his/her gender equated to earning an additional $789 in pay each year. For example, over the course of a year, a person who is 6 feet tall will earn nearly $5000 more than an ‘equally able’ colleague who is only 5 feet 5 inches tall.