You’ve got an awesome idea? That’s great! I bet you can’t wait to tell everyone about it. When it comes to spreading ideas and recruiting advocates, passion and enthusiasm should never be underestimated. However, before you go telling every man and his dog about your idea, put the megaphone down and give some thought to how you will pitch your idea.

Something I see far too often is a passionate innovator shooting their great idea in the foot because they haven’t structured their pitch well. This is not only bad for the success of the idea, but also leaves the individual feeling dissatisfied and frustrated with ‘the man’ when the idea doesn’t progress.

To give your idea the best chance of success, use Inventium’s PIENAME framework to structure your pitch:
Problem – Start by outlining the problem the idea is trying to solve, or the opportunity the idea aims to capitalise on. If you don’t clarify what the problem/opportunity is, there is no way to evaluate the success of the idea.
Idea – Succinctly describe what your idea is all about in a punchy way. If you can’t articulate your idea in a few sentences, you’re not ready to pitch.
Execution – Outline how you see the idea being successfully executed.
New/Innovative – Describe what makes the idea new or innovative. Is it new for the industry, the customer, your team, or the organisation?
Appeal – Explain why the idea will appeal to the target audience. This should be from an internal (decision makers, sponsors, etc.) and external (customers, partners, etc.) perspective.
Money – Outline your projections for how the idea will make or save money for the organisation. If there is no financial benefit back to the business, it’s unlikely the idea will be supported.
Evidence – Gather at least three pieces of evidence, which suggest the idea will be effective. This could be customer data, an example of a similar idea in another industry, etc.

Combine the above with all the passion and enthusiasm you have for the idea and you’ll have a powerful idea pitch.

If you have any questions about pitching your ideas or would like to discuss further, you can contact me at or on Twitter @fasttrackjudy.