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Thanks to architects such as Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the term “less is more” became the term that designers from the 60s through to today aspired to. We have all seen, and perhaps lived and worked in, environments in which space was in abundance and furniture and trimmings were not.

However, one of the best ways to provoke creative thought is to surround the brain with lots of diverse stimulus. Exposure to diverse and random stimulus triggers more thoughts in the brain, which increases the number of new thoughts and ideas that pop up in your brain. So you can imagine if you are sitting in an office that has the bare minimum in terms of furniture and ‘accessories’, there will not be much stimulus that will drive creative thought.

Instead of stark minimalism, an environment that contains many objects and textures is much more conducive to lateral thinking. For example, offices that have exposed pipes, asymmetric lines, and unusual and varied furniture are very effective at driving lateral thinking. Likewise, offices that have lots of artwork or posters covering the walls, and odd and interesting bits and pieces such as an Elvis figurine suctioned to the window, are excellent drivers of creative thought. (And yes, I was in an office yesterday that had a suctioned Elvis hanging from the window).

If you would like to read more about how your workspace impacts your creativity, please go to our In the Media page on the Inventium website and click on ‘Room with a View’, as published in Marketing Magazine.

In the news

The Sydney Morning Herald recently interviewed Inventium’s Dr Amantha Imber about boosting workplace creativity.

Dog pooh and jumpers

As we always bang on about, exposure to a diverse range of information is a great way to increase creativity. Here is some randomness for you to digest this tri-night…

In research conducted by some quirky psychologists, it was found that people would rather wear a jumper that has been dropped in dog pooh and not washed compared to a jumper that has been dry-cleaned but used to belong to a mass-murderer.