People share their hilarious quarantine routines online

This article was originally published by Yahoo Lifestyle

By Kristine Tarbert

March 25, 2020

As the number of coronavirus cases continue to rise across Australia harsh lockdowns are being enforced across the country, with Aussies told to ‘stay at home’.

And it’s a similar case around the world, as other countries, including the UK, Italy, Spain and parts of the US, have told residents to remain at home and practice social distancing.

Many of us had already started to work from home as the crisis intensified, and now Twitter has exploded with people sharing their so-called ‘Quarantine routines’ as they adjust to a new life.

One woman’s extremely detailed routine went viral across social media, and encouraged plenty of other people to jump on the trend.

“This is just a general guide for myself based on my goals & what works for me,” she tweeted. “I’m allowing a lot flexibility with myself & not pressuring myself to complete everything. This is just to give me structure & a sense of control & stability.”

However, her extremely detailed routine that included subheadings ‘something for the brain’ and ‘something for the heart’ had plenty of others impressed.

“I love this! I tried to follow this today (with the only exception that I woke up around 11am),” one person wrote.

“Your tweet actually motivated me to get out of bed and make my own healthy routine,” another said.

But others thought it was way too detailed and decided to share their own, slightly more ‘relaxed’ versions.

“Mines pretty extensive: Xbox, sleep more, drink some water,” one person wrote.

“My list would be like: 1:30 pm Wake up 2:30 pm Eat 3:00pm till 3:00am watch movies while snacking on God knows what 3:30am sleep,” another quipped.

Psychologist stresses importance of managing mental health

Psychologist Dr Amantha Imber warned the the changing times are having a big impact on people’s mental health.

“Right now, social isolation is a novelty, but once the reality sets in – that this is how life is going to be for the foreseeable future, mental health is going to become a huge issue,” Dr Imber told Yahoo Lifestyle previously.

While in isolation it is beneficial to plan out your days to restore a sense of purpose and normality to your daily life, the Australian Psychological Society’s guidelines to help manage stress and mental health recommend.

Schedule tasks such as cooking and laundry, as well as activities you enjoy to help you stick to your routine.

Structuring activities around mealtimes and bedtime can also help you keep to your schedule while ensuring you eat regularly and get enough sleep.

Given the current need to practise social distancing and isolation, many people are also being encouraged to work from home where possible.

Working from home can bring a whole new set of challenges and the need to provide structure to your day is even more important.