Meet Our Team

We are a diverse and fun bunch of Organisational Psychologists, Engineers, and Management Scientists. Our real skill is in making behavioural science practical and relatable to the challenges you are facing. We also have energy and passion in spades, so you’ll love working with us from beginning to end. We may be small in size, but we are big in impact.

Dr Amantha Imber

Founder & Chief Maker

Dr Amantha Imber is an organisational psychologist and founder of behavioural science consultancy Inventium. Amantha is also the host of the number one ranking business podcast How I Work, which has had over 2.5 million downloads, where she interviews some of the world’s most successful people about their habits, strategies, and rituals.

In 2019, Amantha was named as one of the Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence. In 2021, she won the Thinkers50 Innovation Award (described by the Financial Times as the ‘Oscars for Management Thinking’), which recognises the thinker who has contributed the most to the understanding of innovation globally over the last two years.

Amantha’s thoughts have appeared in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Company and she is the author of two best-selling books: “The Creativity Formula” and “The Innovation Formula”.

Michelle Le Poidevin

Chief Executive Officer

Mish took the CEO reigns from our wonderful Founder, Amantha, in 2019 and is now passionately leading Inventium to achieve broader reach and impact with clients while ensuring that Inventium remains the absolute best place to work. An avid learner, Mish holds an MBA specialising in technology and innovation from UNSW (AGSM), and a Bachelors degree in Exercise Science.

Mish is passionate about innovative people practices, pioneering our ‘Be Your Own Boss’ structure and continually reinventing the way we work. Outside of Inventium, you’ll find her teaching her gorgeous sausage dog (Rory) new tricks, playing golf, or teaching pilates.

Zoe Aitken

Head of Consulting & Inventiologist

Zoe’s love for innovation was ignited when she spent three years in Switzerland working in the Global Innovation Team at Mondelez, responsible for coming up with weird and wonderful ideas for new chocolate products.

Here, she saw first-hand the value of putting the customer at the heart of the innovation process to drive long-term, sustainable growth. Outside of Inventium, Zoe is very partial to an Espresso Martini.

Nick Johnston

Head of Digital & Analytics

Nick’s main focus at Inventium is to help organisations achieve their innovation missions and to drive Inventium's digital offerings. He does this by using his superpowers in technical analysis, user experience, research and application of the latest scientific findings.

As a qualified chemical engineer, Nick previously worked as a consultant in the chemical, mining and oil industries. Outside of Inventium, Nick can be spotted standing at the back of groups hitting his head on things (he’s really tall!).

Charlotte Rush

Head of New Product Development & Inventiologist

Charlotte is an Organisational Psychologist and innovation workshop extraordinaire. She is passionate about the crucial role that the science of psychology plays in creating organisations where innovation thrives.

Charlotte has a wealth of experience working with clients across industries such as legal, property, FMCG and government. She dreams of one day living in Italy where she will be able to speak Italian like a local and survive on coffee, gelato and pizza.

Georgia Luttick

General Manager

After studying PR initially, Georgia quickly discovered a passion for process management and creating workplace efficiencies. This set her on the path to Finance & Business Management and working with progressive and innovative enterprises, both in terms of what they offer customers, and how they manage themselves internally.

A successful weekend for Georgia is characterised by completing the Good Weekend quiz with hubby, while juggling two gorgeous (but demanding) children.

Sasha D'Arcy


Obsessed with all things productivity and wellbeing at work you can find Sasha at our many workshops using her background in Organisational Psychology to translate complex science into simple real-world strategies.

Passionate about education, Sasha leaves no stone unturned in her endeavor to empower individuals and teams to get the most out of their workdays. When she’s not an Inventium, Sasha is happiest out hiking or with her nose in a great book.

Gabby Webb

Digital Chaos Controller

Gabby is our organiser extraordinaire for all of our digital projects and clients. She manages the AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies, and the AFR BOSS Best Places to Work. She also co-ordinates all of our Masterclasses and online programs such as the game-changing Workday Reinvention Program.

Gabby enjoys watching true crime documentaries and is partial to a yummy cheese platter and a glass of Rosè. She can also be found renovating her house on the weekend.

Evelina Bereni


Evelina is a Psychologist and PROSCI Change Management practitioner. She's got bucketloads of experience working inside organisations, which means she's able to give practical advice across many industries including aviation, energy, property, government, education, and technology.

Evelina is obsessed with using science to uncover the best and most efficient ways of doing things in work and life, and then sharing these tips with anyone who'll listen.

When not nerding-out, she can be found wrangling her two young, rambunctious children, diving with hubby or checking out the latest Thermomix recipes.

Hannah O'Connor

Chaos Controller & Amantha's EA

Coming from a dual Learning & Development and Project Management background across industries including FMCG, technology, government and tertiary education, and as a big fan of the How I Work podcast, the Chaos Controller role at Inventium felt like the perfect fit for (and descriptor of) Hannah’s skillset and interests!

On a typical weekend, Hannah can usually be found screaming her lungs out at the footy (go Dogs!) or spending precious quality time with her family and friends.

Jack Astley

Data Wrangler

Jack uses his skills in data analytics and his knowledge of behavioural science to help organisations make game changing decisions. He handles the numbers across all our services and communicates them to organisations in a clear and concise way.
Jack loves all things science, previously working in a cognitive neuroscience lab investigating how the brain controls our behaviour. Outside of work, you may catch him exploring South Australia’s wine regions or camping in the Flinders Ranges.

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