Bring structure, a shared understanding, and capability to innovate to the firm in order to drive growth.

What we did for CLayton Utz

Inventium developed and delivered a comprehensive capability building program designed to dramatically increase internal innovation clarity and skill and to get quick runs on the board. As part of this, Inventium:

  • Ran several workshops with all partners across the firm to educate them on the what and how of innovation.
  • Delivered innovation capability building to 55 Innovation Champions, a number that continues to grow every quarter.
  • Lead an “Invention” project on a specific challenge, whereby we identified three breakthrough opportunities for innovation, generated 60+ ideas for their biggest challenge, ran two experiments, and are now providing mentoring to the Innovation Champions in designing further experiments and analysing results.

The Results

  • Aligned the partner group on the importance of innovation and how to get better at it. Inventium’s Ignition workshops delivered a shared understanding and purpose for innovation.
  • Through one of the firm’s first experiments that Inventium helped to lead, the firm made a significant sale through its work on addressing a real client frustration.
  • The firm now has a clear and deliberate approach to coming up with solutions to problems, then testing ideas in a rigorous way without spending much time, money, or effort.
  • Significantly increased firm-wide engagement in innovation.
  • Generated over 90 ideas to one of the specific Innovation Missions Inventium worked on, of which five of those ideas are now in experimentation.

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Inventium has added credibility, understanding and awareness to innovation at Clayton Utz. Through Inventium’s training, our Innovation Champions have an in-depth understanding of a repeatable innovation process that is producing tangible results.
Innovation Manager, Clayton Utz