Create a structured innovation framework to become more methodical in the organisation’s approach to innovation.

What we did for Lendlease

  • Created a robust, science-based, organisation-wide innovation process, which provides structure for how innovation happens at Lendlease, key roles and responsibilities, and funding guidelines.
  • Trained around 200 Innovation Champions globally who mentor/coach/facilitate others through the innovation process.
  • Worked with the global leadership team to set clear focus areas for innovation
  • Trained Innovation Leads (senior innovation leaders in each region globally) on how to create an innovation culture
  • Run an annual global innovation training program for high potential leaders to teach them critical innovation skills.

The Results

  • Produced hundreds of innovations in the pipeline, with many that focus on productivity improvement, and others that are disruptive and will have a direct impact on growing the bottom line.
  • Added significant speed to their approach to innovation, getting “products” to market faster.
  • Saved significant money through running experiments prior to implementation.
  • Globally, staff now put the customer at the heart of innovation, which is now helping Lendlease drive innovations that truly do add value to the customer.
  • Ultimately, Inventium’s work has been instrumental in Lendlease generating high value customer centric solutions that will differentiate the company and create value.