Build a strong internal innovation capability to respond to rapidly changing customer needs and expectations.

What we did for Vic Roads

Inventium created and implemented a comprehensive innovation program championed by the CEO. Specifically this involved:

  • Conducted two Innovation Maturity Indexes: one to set a baseline and one to measure ROI.
  • Developed clear innovation goals with the Executive Team.
  • Delivered a six-month innovation training program for Senior Leaders to build innovation capability.
  • Developed and implemented an enterprise-wide Innovation Process.
  • Built innovation capability with a group of Innovation Champions.
  • Ran several full day Innovation training sessions for staff throughout the organisation.

The Results

  • Created a strategy for innovation that focuses and harnesses all employee efforts to achieve some of VicRoad’s biggest challenges.
  • Created an innovation process that maximises resources and is speeding up innovation outcomes.
  • Produced a common language for innovation, which has been committed to by the CEO and communicated throughout the organisation.
  • Delivered a science based creativity and innovation toolkit, which can be facilitated and shared by over 80 employees. It is ensuring significant improvement to innovation outcomes.