Finally, an excuse to purchase an Xbox or Wii for the office…a group of researchers at Penn State University have found that playing video games can actually increase performance in creative problem solving tasks.

Specifically, the energising effect that video games tend to have, combined with the fact that they are entertaining and make us happy (so long as we are not on a losing streak), are the two factors contributing to the creativity boosting effect.

Feel free to forward this piece of evidence to your boss to get a video games budget approved.

Boxing and murder

As we always go on about, exposure to a diverse range of information is a great way to increase creativity. Here is some randomness for you to digest this tri-night…

In an analysis of murder rates across the United States, it has been found that murder rates tend to increase in the week following TV broadcasts of high-profile heavyweight boxing matches. But that’s not the only strange statistic – race also comes into play…

It was shown that if a white boxer lost the fight, there was an increase in the number of white people murdered. In contrast, if a black boxer lost the fight, there was an increase in black people murdered.