How to launch a Four Day Work Week


GST Included

What would you do with one additional day off each week? What would it look like if your entire organisation worked a four day week, instead of five? In July 2020, we decided to find out.

The Four-Day Week (4DW), pioneered by Andrew Barnes from Perpetual Guardian, has been trialled by companies such as Microsoft Japan and Unilever New Zealand. The 4DW is defined as 100% pay for 80% time at work on the condition that 100% of agreed productivity is achieved.



Organisational psychologists Dr Amantha Imber and Charlotte Rush dive into our 4DW experiment – with everything from inception, to experimentation, to integration into how we work.

This kit will equip you with the tools you need to make your team super productive and set up a Four Day Work Week trial.

The kit includes:

1. A recording of our webinar: ‘The Four-Day Week: Achieve more by working less’

2. The slides to accompany the webinar.

3. 10 tips on how to be more productive

4. Four Day Week – Pre-mortem Agenda

5. Four Day Week Survey Guide (to assist you in measuring the results)


You will learn:

  • How Inventium designed and rolled out the 4DW in collaboration with the entire team
  • How Inventium ran the experiment to optimise learnings and track individual and business outcomes
  • What happened to individual productivity, wellbeing, and engagement
  • Why not everyone in our team decided to opt-in for the 4DW
  • The changes we made to enable us to achieve 100% productivity in only 80% of the time

Best of all, it’s all electronic, so you can download it instantly and get started straight away!