How to prioritise what matters and eliminate everything else


GST Included

The one benefit that the pandemic has given to businesses is evidence that having employees work from home CAN work on a large scale. Our workplaces will never look the same again! With this gift however comes a challenge. Prioritisation has become even harder this new remote/ hybrid-working world.


Organisational psychologists Dr Amantha Imber and Evelina Bereni dive into the science behind the ultimate way to prioritise. This kit will equip you with the tools you need to EVALUATE what’s important and ELIMINATE what’s not.

The kit includes:

  1. A recording of our webinar: ‘How to prioritise what matters and eliminate everything else’
  2. The slides to accompany the webinar.
  3. Focus Audit Guide and Reflection Worksheets
  4. OKRAs Excel Planning Spreadsheet
  5. Guide to developing awesome OKRAs to help you prioritise

You will learn:

  • Why prioritisation is critically important and what this has to do with workplace wellbeing
  • How to evaluate whether you have crystal clear clarity on where you should be placing your focus
  • How to develop meaningful and useful OKRAs using John Doerr’s method to laser in on your priorities
  • What impact our limited cognitive capacity (aka. Brain power) has on our ability to do our best work
  • How we can deliberately eliminate the low value,f rustrating or low priority things out of roles

Best of all, it’s all electronic, so you can download it instantly and get started straight away!