Innovation Services

We are passionate about creating innovative teams and building brilliant workplaces.

Innovation Services

Work together with our clever and creative crew to develop a customised program to help grow your people and your organisation.

Since 2007 we have equipped hundreds of thousands of people all around the globe with the tools to innovate, adapt, create, experiment and grow. We’ve also helped revolutionise work practices to boost productivity, motivation and engagement, and led the way with our thinking around working smarter – critical in covid-times.

We take the best findings from behavioural science, psychology and management research and translate them into simple, practical and accessible tools that can easily permeate an entire organisation, and truly stick. This means that all of the unique goodness that we teach has been proven to work – handy if you are looking to ensure maximum impact.

We are also the research and methodology partners behind the AFR Most Innovative Companies list, and the AFR Best Places to Work list. We really know what makes great organisations, great, and have the data to back it up.

How we can help:

We are in no way your regular ‘consultants’. We energise and equip you with the tools you need to succeed, and make the experience delight-full every step of the way! 

Our tools and expertise are made highly accessible through online and face-to-face training and consulting. You can also access our thoughts via keynotes or one of our many articles featured in the likes of HBR, The Financial Review, Smart Company, Entrepreneur to name a few.

Here’s the two main ways in which we typically help folk like you:

We help companies to become more innovative!


  • Assessing where you sit against the Nine key drivers of innovation
    Working with you to develop your innovation strategy and to understand the importance of innovation
  • Innovation training to build innovation capability and creativity in your people 
  • Nurturing a culture of innovation
  • Creating experimental mindsets
  • Developing adaptability and the ability to drive change
  • Inspiring people everywhere with highly practical and engaging innovation keynotes
  • General innovation consulting and mentoring

We help create brilliant workplaces!


  • Assessing where you sit on the 10 key elements outlined in the Workplaces of the Future framework
  • Boosting individual productivity and focus
  • Developing team working rhythms and cohesion
  • Working with leaders to design best-practice policies and processes, based on behavioural science, to significantly boost motivation and engagement
  • Inspiring people everywhere with highly practical, engaging keynotes specially designed around the key elements that create extraordinary workplaces

Here’s just a few of our favourite clients that have partnered with us to become more innovative and more brilliant!

So, what are you waiting for?

Surely you aren’t sitting there thinking, “No, I don’t really want my staff to be more productive, motivated and engaged”, or “No, I’m not really interested in growing or doing things differently”, or “No, I’m happy working in an average workplace”…? 

Send us a message and let us help you to amplify the positive impact you can have on your team, your organisation and the world!