Work together with our clever and creative crew to customise a program to help your people innovate, change and thrive.


Work together with our clever and creative crew to develop a customised program to help grow your people and your organisation.

Got a tricky challenge to solve? We can help

Well hello there. You’ve probably arrived at this page because you know that change is the only constant, especially in this day and age. And being the savvy thinker that you are, you realise you have to start doing things differently to motivate your top people, to find new opportunities and to foster new ways of working to truly set yourself apart and thrive in a post-pandemic world. 

We consult to organisations all over the world to:

Find new growth opportunities and solve difficult challenges through innovation

Create highly adaptable, resilient individuals and teams who thrive in the face of change

Dramatically boost productivity by improving people’s ability to do deep focussed work

Equip people with the tools to confidently grow themselves and their organisations

Rebounds and growth start with individuals.
Unlock the potential in your people first.

Are your strategic initiatives proving difficult to execute on?
Do your people actually have the tools to see opportunities and act on them?
Are you finding it hard to shift mindsets and make new behaviours actually stick?
Are your teams working as effectively as possible on the things that actually matter?
Can you relate? See how we can help

Organisations are now challenged by the question of: Where are new opportunities going to come from, especially in a post-pandemic world? You might have the best strategy in the world, but if you can’t harness the potential in your people to execute upon it, you won’t get the result you are after. 

Everyone is “busy” and the world is changing at a rapid pace around us. People require different skills to truly thrive in modern workplaces, but it’s rare that people have actually been taught these skills. This is where our programs are truly pioneering and have the potential to be real game-changers for your organisation.   

Our programs help people:

  • Change themselves for the better
  • Develop working habits which enable them to creatively solve the toughest problems
  • See opportunities, and seize them
  • Build adaptability and resilience in the face of change
  • Rapidly test and iterate upon ideas, without being paralysed by a fear of failure
  • Avoid getting caught up in distractions and “busy” work 
  • Ultimately grow themselves and their organisation
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Necessity is the mother of invention. Now is the time you need to unlock new opportunities through innovation.

Are your people doing things the way you have always done them but expecting different results?
Does your organisation have lots of ideas that don’t go anywhere?
Are you sick of launching ideas that flop in market?
Do you have a desire to innovate, but are frustrated by things moving at a snail’s pace?
Can you relate? See how we can help

When the economy is struggling, it’s easy for innovation to be seen as a nice-to-have. But it’s organisations that continue to focus on innovation during these tough times who come out on top.

Our programs have helped over 400,000 people become better innovators. Our method incorporates the best of design thinking and lean start up, but with less art and a truckload more science. We’ve worked with people like you all over the globe, successfully de-mystifying and de-risking innovation to create future-proof organisations.

Our programs will ensure that focus is placed on the things that matter the most, based on what your customers define as important, so that innovation can thrive.

Our programs help people:

  • Align on an approach to innovation and identify clear focus areas at the leadership level
  • Identify the most profitable customer opportunities to solve
  • Generate breakthrough solutions to even the toughest business problems
  • Rapidly test your ideas and run experiments to de-risk innovation
  • Increase the success rate of new ideas launched to market
  • Develop a culture where innovation can thrive
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Don’t let people be paralysed by change.
Help them thrive instead.

Need some help adjusting to the mammoth change happening in the world?
Have you tried to drive change, but found it hard to get buy-in?
Are your people lacking the ability to thrive in the face of change?
Are you struggling to make new behaviours stick?
Can you relate? See how we can help

Change is hard. And in general, people don’t like change. And right now, the saying that “change is the only constant” has never been truer. It’s easy for people to crumble in the face of extreme change, but we will help you take control and support people through it.

We use the latest findings from cognitive psychology to help people adapt to change and for leaders to take control and create internal change that actually sticks. We will transform your people into powerful change agents. We’ll show you why facts and information don’t change behaviour – and what actually does. And we will build change agility in your people so they can change their own behaviour as well as influence those around them.

Our programs help people:

  • Thrive, rather than crumble in the face of change
  • Create organisation-wide change that actually sticks
  • Use the latest psychology to change their own behaviour for the better
  • Become “change fit” instead of change fatigued
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Digital distractions are killing productivity.
Learn how to stay focused so you can do your best work.

Are your people bombarded with constant distractions and interruptions when working from the home or office?
Do your people feel compelled to constantly check email in case they miss anything “urgent”?
Do you find yourself doing a “just check” of email or Slack whenever you feel stuck on something?
Has your office or home become a place where you can’t actually get real work done?
Can you relate? See how we can help

We are living in the age of digital distraction where the average office worker can only stay focused for six minutes before doing a “just check” of email or instant messenger. It is our ability to (re)learn how to do deep, focused work that sets us apart from the pack. And in a world where many of us are working from home, the need to relearn how to focus has never been more critical.

We can help you create organisation-wide change and help reverse poor working habits and norms. Not only do we build individuals’ ability to focus, but we help teams work more efficiently as well as helping leaders create the right environment for deep, focused work to happen.

Our programs help people:

  • Dramatically boost productivity in the space of just a few weeks
  • Teach people how to do deep, focused work and make meaningful progress on key projects
  • Tune out digital and at-home distractions
  • Stay energised and focused throughout the entire day
  • Improve people’s love for their work.
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