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Employees who have room to think creatively at work, that is, feel challenged by their job and have a fair bit of control over what they do, are significantly more likely to be physically healthy. This is in comparison to those whose jobs don’t provide the opportunity to think creatively.

Specifically, the health advantage of being in a job where you’re encouraged to think creatively compared to one where you are not is equal to being around 7 years younger. Who needs a good skin care product when you have creativity?

Heads or Tails?

As we always go on about, exposure to a diverse range of information is a great way to increase creativity. Here is some randomness for you to digest this tri-night…

Stanford mathematician  Persi Diaconis used a high speed camera to analyse human coin tossing. He found that there is actually a slight bias for coins to land on the same side from which they started. So if you start on Heads, make sure you pick Heads to up your chances of winning.

A quick personality test

Take a minute to draw the letter Q on your forehead. Take note of which way the Q faced.

If you drew the Q in a way that it could be read by someone facing you (i.e. with the tail pointing to the left-hand side of your forehead), chances are you tend to be more concerned with how others see you, are happy being the centre of attention, and are skilled at manipulating how others see you.

If you drew the Q in a way that only you could read it (i.e. with the tail to the right-hand side of your forehead), chances are your behavior tends to be more guided by your inner feelings and values instead of trying to put on an ‘act’, you tend to be less aware of your impact on those around you, and you tend to tell less lies.