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The number of people in your team has a significant impact on organisational creativity. A group of researchers at the University of Oklahoma found that organisations that were full of very large sized teams (more than 15 members) were less creative than organisations that were made up of medium sized teams of around 6 to 9 members.

And how well does your team get along?

On the subject of teams, a low to medium level of team cohesion is ideal for producing a creative culture. Teams that get along too well (that is, are highly cohesive) tend to fall victim to the ‘not invented here’ syndrome, in that they tend to discount ideas that were not born from within their team and do not look outside their team for stimulus.

A random fact.

In past newsletters, you may have read that being exposed to a wide amount of stimuli increases creativity. So here is a random piece of information to expand your mind (and in doing so, increase your own creativity).

In a study conducted on sexual harassment in the workplace, it was found that assertive women (as opposed to more shy types) are the ones most likely to fall victim. Sexual harassment performed by a male is generally motivated by a desire to highlight their power over women. As assertive, more masculine women are a larger threat, it is these types of women who such men feel the need to exert their power over most.

A random statistic.

23% of Americans think American lives are worth more than others.