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At Inventium, we really love your unconscious mind – you’ve probably already heard us geeking out over how powerful it is at decision-making. This awesome power stems from the fact that your unconscious mind stores and processes everything you’ve ever seen, ever read, and ever learned – yes, literally everything! This means that it is one of the most powerful problem-solvers around, and it is a fantastic resource for you to draw on for innovation and creativity.

My unconscious mind was in action over the weekend. A friend was talking about her recent trip to Aireys Inlet, to which I said ”that’s the place where that show… you know the one… with those kids… it was filmed there. Do you know what I’m talking about…?” Unsurprisingly, she did not. Hours later, as I was drifting off to sleep, the answer suddenly popped into my conscious mind, so clear it was like it was there always – “it’s ROUND THE TWIST!” Needless to say, my friend got a very late text that night.

Your unconscious mind is always doing this – whirring away in the background, without you even realising it, trying to solve problems. And, when it has an answer, it pops it into your conscious mind – no matter where you may be. Take this case, for example – what would have happened if my phone wasn’t beside my bed when that thought came to me? It’s very likely that come morning I would have completely forgotten all about Round the Twist! Unfortunately – this is not an isolated event; every day we have lots of great thoughts and ideas pop into our mind, but because we don’t capture them we tend to lose them.

To make sure you’re not losing your ideas, especially those that solve important problems (like “what was that show!?”), we’ve seen the following process work time and time again:

  1. Identify a problem you need to solve
  2. Carry around a phone, a notepad and a pen, or an iPad on you at all times
  3. Every time you have an idea to solve the problem, make sure you write it down – straight away!
  4. Marvel at all your amazing ideas

You can use this simple process any time you want to capitalise on the power of your unconscious to solve a problem – we use it as part of our ideation sessions all the time. If you want to chat more about the power of your unconscious (or late 80’s children’s TV shows), drop us a line at [email protected].