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Since 2007 we have equipped hundreds of thousands of people all around the globe with the tools to innovate, adapt, create, experiment and grow. We’re also leading the way in covid-times with our thinking around working smarter – helping organisations everywhere to revolutionise their work practices and boost productivity, motivation and engagement.

Change is the only constant, right? And most people struggle with change – which is not ideal, because right now, there is a lot of it. We like it when things stay the same. Predictability and certainty makes us feel secure.

But here’s the thing: to thrive in today’s world of constant change and disruption, we need to be highly adaptable, we need to challenge the status quo to drive innovation, and we need to do this while staying focused in the face of uncertainty and constant digital distractions. And that’s where we can help.

Unlike most innovation consultancies, Inventium contains no fluff or opinion. We take the latest findings from behavioural science and distil them into practical and proven tools. All our tools are simple to apply and guaranteed to change behaviour for the better (and to make that change actually stick).

And we guarantee that working with us won’t be dull. In fact, it will be just the opposite. 96% of people who work with us say they feel energised, and 96% say they feel equipped to take what we taught them and apply it in the real world.

We’ve helped organisations large and small, both in Australia and around the world.

We’ve also partnered with people just like you to kick big goals and drive meaningful change. We’re pretty damn proud of what we’ve achieved with the likes of these folk, just to name a few.

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Australia's leading innovation business, Inventium, offers a range of innovation consulting services


Got some big targets to hit? Recognise the need to do things differently to set your organisation apart? Struggling to execute on your strategy? Change needs to begin with your people – the ones who actually have to create and execute the strategy. We can tailor a program to help achieve your goals and equip your people with the skills, behaviours and mindset to help your organisation survive and thrive.


Is your organisation getting the absolute best out of its people? Or are some people frenetic, anti-change, stuck on the “busy” hamster wheel, and therefore not being able to identify or capitalise on new opportunities? We can help you build an army of highly productive people who can uncover new opportunities for your business to thrive. Talk to us about our highly practical innovation, change and productivity skill-building programs (which can be delivered face-to-face or virtually), all backed by behavioural science.

Australia's leading innovation business, Inventium, offers a range of innovation training solutions

Australia's leading innovation business, Inventium, offers a range of innovation keynotes


Need an inspiring, engaging, thought-provoking and behaviour-changing keynote? We have Australia’s leading speakers on innovation, productivity, change and finding focus in this digitally distracted world. We will bring actionable science-backed strategies and success to your next event – whether it be virtual or face-to-face.

Inventium is proud to be the official research and methodology partner behind two of the Australian Financial Review’s most prestigious lists. We really know what great companies look like! Click the links below to find out more.