How to make virtual meetings not suck


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The average executive spends 23 hours in meetings per week. This amount has probably doubled now that we are in the land of doing everything via virtual meeting (or at least, that’s how it feels…).

And as if meetings didn’t suck enough, virtual meetings are worse. If you are the one running it, are you ever really sure people aren’t just in their inbox rather than paying attention to you? And if you are participating, checking your emails is generally more interesting than the meeting itself.


Virtual meetings have always been a challenge. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant that now, we need them more than ever. And unfortunately, most of us are not adept at navigating the unique challenges that the virtual world presents us. But with unique challenges, comes unique solutions.

We recently held a hugely popular webinar on ‘How to make virtual meetings’ not suck to help solve this exact issue. Off the back of its success, we’ve put together this INVENTeKIT to help us enable everyone, everywhere to not suffer from yet another snore fest virtual meeting. Best of all, it’s all electronic, so you can download it and get started straight away.

This kit contains:

  • A video recording of the hugely popular ‘How to make virtual meetings not suck’ webinar, hosted by Inventium’s Founder Dr Amantha Imber, and Inventiologist Charlotte Rush;
  • The accompanying slide deck to the webinar;
  • An editable meeting agenda template;
  • A cheat sheet for virtual meeting ice-breaker activities;
  • A detailed facilitator checklist designed to optimise your meetings;
  • A guidebook to the eight best strategies you can use to make your virtual meetings not suck.
You will learn:
  • The new rules and social norms to help govern virtual meetings;
  • Techniques for moving participants from a passive to active role in virtual workshops;
  • How to use “hooks” to capture people’s attention in webinars and other virtual training sessions;
  • Amantha and Charlotte’s personal favourite tools to get people engaged in virtual meetings;
  • A bunch more practical, evidence-backed tools that will lead to predictably better outcomes for your daily virtual meetings.
Who this is perfect for:
Anyone wanting to reinvent the way they run virtual meetings and reshape the meeting habits of their teams. You will become armed with strategies to take your energy-draining and unproductive meetings to well-orchestrated virtual gatherings that capitalise on time and leave people connected and energised.
Who this is not so perfect for:
Folk wanting tech tips or discussions around features and functionality of various virtual meeting providers. We are sticking to what we know best here – which is psychology and human behaviour! And besides, there are loads of tech talks out there already.