Leading Hybrid Teams


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The science of how to create a high performing team when you are rarely in the same place at the same time.

Building a great team was hard enough when the office was a place where we all gathered and worked from (remember those times?). But now, hybrid work appears to be the new default, helping your team collaborate effectively and work ultra-productively is even more challenging, but all the more important.
You might be asking: How do we motivate people when we don’t physically sit next to them every day? How do we help people work productively and stay focused on what matters? And how do we avoid Death by Zoom, given virtual meetings don’t seem to be going away?

Luckily, we can learn a lot through scientific research. Through Inventium’s Leading Hybrid Teams program, we will teach you highly practical and proven methods to effortlessly lead your hybrid team. We promise that by the end of this program you will have the tools you need to help your team to work productively, collaborate and conquer it’s goals!

The Leading Hybrid Teams Program takes place over a six-week period. Each week’s content focuses on a specific topic that is critical to nail if you are leading a hybrid team and will be delivered through a combination of weekly webinars, videos and a digital toolkit to your inbox each Monday. We invite you to attend a live webinar in Week 1 which introduces the program and a live webinar in Week 3 so that you can check your progress, share challenges and ask questions of your facilitator, Sasha! The remaining content can be consumed asynchronously, at a time that suits you each week (and if you miss the live sessions, we will share a recording). We know that leading a hybrid team can raise a whole host of challenges for you, so rest assured that Sasha will be available throughout the program to support you.

Here is a summary of what’s covered in the program:

Week 1: Prioritisation

When everything feels urgent AND important, it is incredibly hard for teams to be effective. And COVID has only increased the rate of change and degree of complexity facing our teams. If your team members are feeling overworked and overwhelmed, it is likely they are struggling to prioritise.

Week 1 will introduce you to strategies to help you be more effective at focusing your team on what is important and eliminating what isn’t.

Week 2: Cohesion

How well do you really know your team? Do you know their pet peeves? Are you not only aware of how to bring out their strengths, but also, how to avoid triggering their weaknesses? And do all of your team know these things about each other?

Week 2 will introduce you to a tool to fast-track getting to know the critical preferences and behaviours of each team member in order to dramatically improve how well you work together.

Week 3: Rhythms

Teamwork is inherently disruptive. It requires individuals to step away from preferred routines and rhythms to accommodate others in their team and to work towards both solo and common goals.

Week 3 looks at how you can (re)structure your team’s daily rhythms to optimise productivity and wellbeing.

Week 4: Communication

How does your team communicate when things are going well? What about when things are not going well? Communication can make or break a team’s culture, yet all too often, we let communication happen without clear forethought into how it can drive the best outcomes.

During Week 4, we will educate you on virtual communication best practices and help you make deliberate decisions about how, when, what, and why your hybrid team communicates.

Week 5: Meetings

Poorly run, ineffective, and unnecessary meetings can all be team culture killers. Yet so few teams give thought to how to deliberately run great meetings 100% of the time.

Week 5 delves into how you can re-boot your team’s meeting culture and ensure all meetings actually deliver positive outcomes.

Week 6: Psychological Safety

Feeling safe to voice your thoughts and opinions within your team is critical for team success. Indeed, research has found that a team that has high psychological safety consistently outperforms teams that do not.

Week 6 will cover simple strategies to help you be a leader that creates the right environment for psychological safety to thrive.

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Date: October 10, 2022

Start time: 10:00 a.m.

End time: 11:00 a.m.

Venue: Melbourne (AEST) time via Zoom

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