Looking to upskill your people and turbo-charge their awesomeness? This is where we shine. Let us help you shine too!

Looking to upskill your people and help turbo-charge their awesomeness? We specialise in delivering highly engaging and interactive training – delivered virtually or face-to-face. And, if you are feeling nervous about bringing in training that is full of fluff and so dull that people stay glued to their devices all day? Fear not!

All our programs are backed by the latest research from behavioural science, psychology, neuroscience and management science. They are the perfect blend of being highly interactive and highly practical. In fact, 96% of our training participants report feeling both energised AND equipped after doing one of our  programs.

Check out our specialist areas below

Innovation: Become a
customer-focused innovator

Got some lofty targets you need to achieve? In times like these there’s no way you can keep doing things the way you have always done. We can help by building a team of confident innovators who will help you solve your toughest challenges.

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Topics we cover:

  • An evidence-based approach to identifying customer-driven opportunities.
  • Identify the most profitable opportunities to focus on.
  • Generate breakthrough solutions to tricky problems.
  • Creative problem solving techniques that work for groups and individuals.
  • The skills to facilitate world class innovation workshops.
  • A methodology for quickly and cheaply prototyping your ideas.
  • Skills to run experiments to de-risk innovation and give you the best chance of success.

Outcomes we guarantee:

  • The ability to save thousands, if not millions on expensive pilots and failed innovation efforts. Guaranteed to win you friends in the finance department.
  • A significant uplift in innovation capability and confidence.
  • Ideas that move forward, instead of staying stagnant.
  • A 100% increase in the productivity of sessions where creative thinking is required.
  • Solutions that succeed in market through truly understanding your customer.

Delivery mode and length:

  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • 90 minutes up to three days or multi-session
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Productivity: Learn how to do focused work in the age of digital distraction

If you (or someone you know) are checking emails at all hours of the day and night, constantly feeling stressed and behind the eight-ball on projects, or spending all day in seemingly endless meetings, we can help. Our programs transform the way people work to not only boost productivity, but also increase wellbeing and engagement.

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Topics we cover:

  • The simple strategy that will let you win back at least two hours every single day
  • Deep Work versus Shallow Work, and how to know what to prioritise when
  • Turbo-charge the effectiveness of meetings
  • The Minimum Effective Dose required for a break that re-energises you
  • Why the traditional to-do list is killing your productivity, and what to do instead
  • How to structure your workday proactively, based on your natural energy levels and brain power
  • How to take control of your inbox
  • How to eliminate digital distractions from your work life

Outcomes we guarantee:

We will deliver a significant increase in:

  • Productivity and the speed at which people can accomplish their work tasks
  • Ability to do deep, focused work and make meaningful progress on key projects
  • Ability to tune out digital distractions
  • Energy levels throughout the workday
  • And ultimately improve people’s love for their work.

But more specifically, our most recent cohort – where 143 people completed both the pre- and post-program survey – demonstrated the following improvements over the course of six weeks:

  • 23% increase in productivity
  • 20% increase in people feeling energised at work
  • 9% increase in employee engagement
  • 13% increase in job satisfaction
  • 15% reduction in stress
  • 13% improvement in overall feeling of wellbeing.

Delivery mode and length:

  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • 60 minutes to six weeks
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Ways of Working: Optimise how your organisation will work post-COVID

The global work-from-home (WFH) experiment sparked by COVID-19 restrictions has changed the way we work forever. As people gradually return to the office and embrace hybrid ways of working, uncertainty is rife – will I still be able to work flexibly? How do we run meetings effectively? How do we protect people’s focus time so they can have real impact? We can help you to align on and educate your team on the best way to work.

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Our ways of working training programs create alignment and transparency across your organisation, teams and people on your agreed ways of working.

Topics we cover:

  • Aligning your leaders on aspirational values of how you want work to be done
  • Giving your leaders a common language and ways of working practices that are consistent across your organisation
  • Creating an operating manual to capture your organisation’s ways of working
  • Ensuring your ways of working optimise wellbeing and productivity
  • Embracing flexibility while facilitating connection, collaboration and belonging
  • Equipping your teams with tools to optimise hybrid working

Outcomes we guarantee:

  • Leadership alignment on ways of working
  • Transparency and a common language to share with all teams and people on ways of working
  • A tangible representation of your organisations ways of working
  • More productive rhythms and rituals across your organisation
  • Teams communicating more effectively
  • Teams aligned on how best to work with each other
  • More productive and satisfying meetings (in-person and virtual)

Delivery mode and length:

  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • 60 minutes to one day or multi-session
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Change: Become a master of
driving change that sticks

Need some help unleashing change throughout your organisation? You’ve probably already realised that change isn’t easy for us humans. But never fear – we have sourced the latest scientific findings from areas such as organisational psychology and cognitive neuroscience to drill down into the tools that will help your people unleash change that sticks.

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Topics we cover:

  • Why most change efforts fail
  • The “dark side” of metrics and how to use metrics first (rather than last!) to drive the change you seek
  • Why showing people facts and information does not change behaviour
  • Why goal setting alone will never work in creating change
  • How to know where to focus your “change” efforts 
  • Why it is easier to change the environment, rather than the person
  • Why relying on willpower is futile in trying to create sustainable change
  • How to use “choice architecture” to guide people’s behaviour
  • How to create a “change canvas”

Outcomes we guarantee:

  • Create organisation-wide change that actually sticks
  • Thrive, rather than crumble, in the face of change
  • Create a group of Change Champions who can effortlessly drive real change across your company
  • Use the latest psychology to change your own behaviour for the better
  • Become “change fit” instead of change fatigued

Delivery mode and length:

  • Face-to-face or virtual
  • 60 minutes to one day
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